Anaconda® Game Studios
Based in Germany

Founding date:
February 1, 2020


Press / Business contact:


Matthias Jakisch Sole Proprietorship
(doing business as Anaconda Game Studios)
Hauptstr. 34, OT Etingen
39359 Oebisfelde-Weferlingen

+49 (0) 39059-974988


We are an indie games studio from Germany, loving to create computer worlds!


History: How it started

I'm Matthias Jakisch (Matt aka ClassicGamer76), a passionate computer gamer and software developer for more than 30 years; Corona-Situationally, my son Lukas Jakisch (Ombra), who has been interested in game development for several years, often couldn't attend school and so we both decided to develop computer games together, in early 2020 we made that decision, a long-held dream of mine over all the years.

For our first, joint Unity Game Engine project, we made a few excursions into mobile platforms, developing, for example, the games Dashy Road Rivals for iOS and the puzzle game Pixel Sort Puzzle for Android.

Dashy Road Rivals in the App Store

Pixel Sort Puzzle: Funny Balls at Google Play

History: How it continued

To see how we work as a team, the Brackey's Game Jam 2020.2 came in handy, there we gathered a few more people together and created the Game Jam version of Diorama Tower Defense within 7 days. The result brought us the 3rd place in the graphics category, which we are very proud of, since there were over 1800 participants on board and only other game jam developers could rate the games.

Diorama Tower Defense Brackey's Game Jam 2020.2 entry

Next, we worked on the enhanced, polished version of Diorama Tower Defense, which is available for free on Steam.

Diorama Tower Defense Prologue on Steam

It was totally fun, so we decided to do another Game Jam, the Brackey's Game Jam 2021.1 were we met our talented musician Matthew Harper and developed the small but nice retro game Pixabots. You can play Pixabots at itch.io directly in your browser. I did the level design and the pixel graphics, Matthew of course did the music and sound effects and Lukas did the programming. After 6 days we finished this little gem!

Pixabots Bots Unite! Brackey's Game Jam 2021.1 entry

Present and future: LEIF

Since the teamwork worked so well, we decided to develop a much bigger video game together. We came up with the idea for LEIF, a game about the real Viking Leif Eriksson, his father Erik the Red and his family. Since we want to bring a lot of content into the game, a handful of 2D artists and 3D artists joined our small team to work on the realization of the models for the game.

What can you expect in LEIF? The game is currently in development, it is an extended Metroidvania, filled with some great activities like fishing, hunting, playing the board game Hnefatafl, climbing, exploring, fighting, defeating Titans and monsters of the Viking Mythology, improving your character's skills, solving secret passages and puzzles and experiencing the epic story of Leif Eriksson's life first hand.

For whom is LEIF of interest? Definitely for lovers of Metroidvania games, which means action-packed exploration games with character development as focus, because we also love this kind of games immensely, if you like good fights, with good opponents, so you like to memorize your opponents' actions and develop your own fighting style, like to explore, find secrets and meet interesting characters of Viking history, LEIF will fit you perfectly. We want to include at least three playable characters in the game, each with its own advantages in combat but also in agility. Whether you like to attack from a distance, use magic, lurk hidden in the grass, like to use good blocking and strike back with brute force, we'll give you the playful freedom to develop your character the way you want to play him or her.

How far are we in the development? We have spent half a year planning the game and developing an internal prototype, we have created a lot of artwork and the first 3D models are ready. We are working on the first cave system... "are you afraid of spiders?" and the battle system. So we hope to show cool fight and atmospheric cave scenes soon. Other than that, we have finished the 3D world of Iceland, we need to do planting (at that time Iceland was full of birch tree forests) and the refined design of the game world. You can expect a dynamic 2.5 view of the 3D world, that just fits perfectly to a Metroidvania and serves the overview quite enormously.

When can you expect a first test version? We are aiming for spring 2023, because the first playable version of LEIF should reach a final quality, it needs to please us and especially you and really must be fun to play.


Game world reveal trailer of LEIF YouTube

Diorama Tower Defense title screen music YouTube

PIXABOTS Bots Unite! Gameplay trailer YouTube



There are far more images available for Anaconda® Game Studios, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Awards & Recognition

Selected Articles

  • "Really a great game in such a short time! I loved the music and I wonder how you made it."
    - CrexCrex, itch.io (Diorama)
  • "Woah this game's pretty good. i like the fact that you can switch between characters and man thats some good level of polish. congrats."
    - AgentXMan, itch.io (Pixabots)
  • "Really solid entry! I loved the art you made and music was nice addition to the game theme."
    - Stfoorca, itch.io (Diorama)

Press Kit (Logos etc.)
Logos, Key Art and Trailers you can find on our Google Drive drive.google.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Matthias Jakisch - Discord: Matthias | Anaconda Game Studios#0250
Game Designer

Lukas Jakisch - Discord: Ombra (Lukas)#8998

Matthew Harper - Discord: stringsandbows#9255
Music and Sound Effects

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